Reasons-Your-Child-Should-Try-BJJ-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsThe time kids spend training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a significant impact off the mats. BJJ has the potential to change kids’ lives.

Here are a few of the reasons why your child should try BJJ:

1. Get More Physical Activity.

Physical activity has so many different physical and mental health benefits for all ages. To encourage kids to be more active, help them find a fun activity. BJJ can be a fun way to get kids moving while providing a healthy outlet for extra energy. Plus, being active as a child is more likely to lead to being active as an adult.

2. Develop Critical Thinking Skills.

While BJJ is a great way to get kids moving and physically active, it also offers a mental workout. BJJ helps kids develop critical thinking skills. They must figure out how to practice and apply what they’ve learned about BJJ. Thinking through this process and strategizing helps kids learn better on and off the mats.

3. Build Self-Discipline.

BJJ encourages kids to develop self-discipline. BJJ instructors set the expectation that kids will show respect, stay in control, and focus during class. As kids learn BJJ, they’re also training themselves to listen and pay attention – a skill that they then use at home and school.

4. Learn About Goal-Setting.

BJJ is a great environment for kids to practice goal-setting. If a child wants to stick with a martial arts practice, they learn the valuable skill of how to set and work toward personal goals. Goal-setting gives kids a way to improve in BJJ, and kids can also apply this tool to other areas of their lives.

5. Practice Social Skills.

BJJ classes give kids the opportunity to meet and form friendships with kids outside of school. Not only can your child practice social skills, but he or she could create a lasting friendship with someone with similar interests.

6. Learn Self-Defense.

Kids learn self-defense skills through BJJ. However, kids also learn that a physical confrontation is not their only option when facing a threat like a bully. Kids also learn skills to diffuse conflict with confidence.

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