Yoga-Can-Support-Your-Martial-Arts-Training-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsThere are many similarities between martial arts training and a yoga practice. In fact, many martial arts athletes supplement their training with yoga.

Here are a few ways that yoga can support your martial arts training:

1. Mind-Body Connection

In martial arts and yoga, you train your body as well as your mind. As you practice, your mind focuses on each movement and nothing else. Rather than thinking about your ever-growing to-do list, you direct your attention to the present moment. A strong connection between your mind and your body has many mental health benefits, including less anxiety and stress.

2. Core Strength

Martial arts training increases your strength throughout your whole body, including your core strength. Many of the poses you hold in yoga increase your core strength. This improvement can then carry over into your martial arts training.

3. Flexibility

Martial arts requires a good amount of flexibility. But even if you’re not all that flexible, this shouldn’t keep you from trying martial arts. You’ll gain flexibility as you train, and picking up a yoga class or two each week can help. Over time, yoga can increase your flexibility and also benefit your martial arts practice.

4. Balance

In addition to increasing flexibility, yoga can also help you develop better balance. Standing poses, like tree pose, challenge you to stay upright while balancing on one leg. At the same time, yoga can help you create balance throughout your body by correcting any muscle imbalances. For example, you might be comfortable using your right hand, arm, and foot. But your left side is weaker. Yoga helps you develop both sides, which again is a benefit to your martial arts training.

5. Breath

In yoga, you synchronize each movement with your breath. Every time you move, you breathe. The focus on your breath causes a physiological response in the brain that creates a more calm and clear mind. The addition of focused, intentional breathing can then help you become a more focused and stronger athlete.

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