Yoga-Can-Reduce-Stress-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsStress is a normal, healthy reaction to a change in environment or circumstances. Experiencing stress can help us to adapt and conform to new situations. However, if stress is not handled well or if it’s allowed to build up, it can be detrimental to your health.

Physical activities, like martial arts and yoga, train your body and mind and help you manage stress. Here are just three ways that yoga can reduce stress:

1. It relaxes your body.

The simple act of movement allows you to bring awareness to your body. This awareness can help you relax and recover from any muscle tension and tightness caused by stress. Adding in more dynamic poses releases endorphins and increases blood flow, reducing stress from within.

2. It relaxes your mind.

Strengthening the connection between your body and mind provides you with the meditative effects of yoga. Your mind can find some peace. Simply moving through a series of poses and focusing on your breathing, makes you better equipped to handle stressors that come up in your everyday life.

3. It allows you to focus and control your thoughts.

Given the structure and repetitive nature of yoga, repeating a sequence of postures can help you focus your mind and gain control of your thoughts. This can then be applied to the moments in daily life where your thoughts tend to be all over the place and equips you to rein in your rogue and varied thoughts.

If the stress in your life ever becomes overwhelming or takes a physical or mental toll on you, yoga is a great way to reduce and manage this stress.

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