Reasons-to-Join-a-Martial-Arts-School-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsMartial arts offers a lot of benefits for all ages. Here are ten reasons why you should join a martial arts school:

1. You’ll increase your fitness.

It’s a common assumption that you have to be “in shape” to start martial arts. But martial arts is really for any fitness level. So, you don’t need to be fit before you sign up for a martial arts class. And if you’d like to improve your fitness, martial arts will help you increase your endurance, strength, power, agility, and flexibility.

2. Martial arts is for any age.

Martial arts isn’t just for kids or experienced athletes; it’s for any age. And you’re never too old to get started in a martial arts program.

3. You’ll challenge yourself.

Starting anything new, especially as an adult, is intimidating. If you’re curious to try martial arts, treat this as a challenge. Even though you’re nervous, keep pushing forward.

4. It’s a safe way to learn self-defense.

Some people are worried that martial arts training isn’t safe, or they might get hurt. Martial arts schools take safety very seriously. Your instructors will structure a class so that everyone can learn in a safe and respectful environment.

5. Martial arts is more than what you see in the movies.

The martial arts you see in movies don’t represent reality. Sure, some of the moves you see on the screen look cool. But a martial arts practice isn’t about looking cool. Instead, it’s an incredible tool for building strength, confidence, self-esteem, independence, integrity, work ethic, and community.

6. You’ll break free from a workout rut.

If you’re not happy with your current workout routine, martial arts is a great way to mix things up. You’ll get a great full-body workout while learning useful skills.

7. It’s a great activity to come back to.

Perhaps you trained martial arts as a kid, and then you got involved in other sports and activities for a while. And now, as an adult, you’re interested in getting back into it. Again, it’s never too late to start or come back to martial arts.

8. Martial arts is a fun group activity.

Martial arts classes are a fun way to be social with people with a common interest. Group classes create a supportive environment where you can learn and not worry about making a mistake in front of the group. Everyone is there to learn, just like you.

9. You can set your own martial arts goals.

People train martial arts for a variety of reasons. It’s not always about belt ranks and competitions. You decide what you want to work toward. If you’re participating so you can get healthy and work out with a fun group of people, then martial arts is a good solution.

10. You can give it a try before committing.

If you’re new to martial arts, you might want to try a few classes before committing to a membership. A trial run is a great way to find out if you’d like to continue. To find out if it’s something you’d be interested in pursuing, then a trial enables you to do so with no commitment until you’re ready.

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