Ways-to-Recover-Well-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsWhen you’re following a consistent training program, there will be certain workouts or weeks of training that you put your body through a lot of stress. As important as it is to put in the work, recovering from your workouts is just as important as the workouts themselves.

Getting in quality recovery time between your workouts allows your body time to build and repair itself. If your body breaks down faster than it can repair itself, then it can lead to poor performance.

So how do you know if you’re not recovering properly and on your way to overtraining? Unfortunately, there is no one way to determine if you’re under-recovered. However, there are some common signs that your body could use some quality recovery time:

Common Signs of Overtraining and Under-Recovery:

  • Feeling tired all of the time
  • Decreased, motivation, boredom, or little excitement about training
  • Increased resting heart rate
  • Getting sick more often
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Decreased performance
  • Increased signs of injury

Taking steps to maximize your recovery is critical to your martial arts training. Here are four simple and effective ways to help your body recover properly between your workouts:

1. Take Rest Days

Taking full days off from training is an important part of a well-designed training program. The number of rest days you take will depend on how your body responds to your training. Use your training history to help you figure out how often and when to take full days off from training.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Your body does the most repair while you’re sleeping. The more quality sleep you get each night, the more time your body has to repair itself. Sleep also plays an essential role in helping you manage stress in your life. High levels of stress can hurt your recovery. Aim for seven to eights hours of sleep each night.

3. Foam Roll

Using a foam roller helps you work out all the small knots and adhesions that form over time in your muscles and connective tissue. Coupled with stretching, foam rolling can keep your body loose and moving well during your training sessions.

4. Eat Nutritious Foods

Generally speaking, your body will respond well when you eat whole, nutritious, and minimally processed foods. Try to eat high-quality foods soon after your workouts when your body is working to repair and replenish itself. Missing a meal makes it harder for your body to recover. If you never seem to have nutritious foods available after your workouts, take some time to prepare your meals and snacks at the beginning of the week.

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