Reasons-to-Try-a-Women’s-BJJ-Class-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsMartial arts is for everyone, and until recently, it was a male-dominated sport. Both men and women benefit from all that martial arts has to offer. For those who choose to practice BJJ, you’ll learn a martial arts style where a smaller person can successfully defend themselves against a larger, stronger attacker.

Many people are interested in martial arts because they want to learn self-defense. BJJ uses leverage, strategy, and body positioning to control and defeat a potential threat, which makes it a great martial arts style for women.

Here are a few reasons to try a women’s BJJ class:

1. Focus on Ability (Rather than Appearance)

Rather than worrying about what you look like or comparing yourself to others in a class, the focus is on your individual improvement. BJJ is very much focused on learning techniques, practicing these movements through drills, and then applying what you’ve learned with a partner.

2. Connection with Other Women

While almost any martial arts academy will welcome both men and women, there are additional benefits to women’s BJJ classes. Not only will you meet women who share similar values and interests, but you’ll likely build strong connections with other women in your class.

3. Improve Fitness while having Fun

Learning BJJ is a fun, full-body workout where the goal is to help you learn and train so that you can achieve your personal goals. Even if you feel like you’re not athletic or coordinated enough to try martial arts, give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

Ascendant Martial Arts in Regina offers a variety of martial arts programs and classes for all ages and experience levels, including a Women’s BJJ class on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

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