The-Importance-of-Self-Defense-for-Women-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsOn one hand, martial arts can be a great form of physical exertion that provides many participants with their daily dose of exercise. On another, people who practice martial arts learn the importance of and practical application of self-defense moves that can be practiced in class and used in real-life scenarios.

These skills, when utilized by women especially, can mean the difference between being attacked and successfully escaping harm through the use of martial arts tactics.

Learning the Right Moves

When presented with the right tools to defend themselves, participants of martial arts learn exactly what skills they need in order to ward off attackers or escape holds that they may, unfortunately, find themselves in. The skills taught in certain martial arts classes are meant to be practical and useful in those specific situations, and members of the class are taught both how the technique is applied, as well as what it feels like to be on the opposite side of it.

Get in the Right Mindset

Not only do the skills taught in martial arts have a practical application in life-threatening situations for women, but the mindset taught in these classes also inspires confidence and self-certainty that has resulted in fewer women being attacked at all. When it comes to self-confidence, knowing you have the skills needed to defend yourself is half the battle. Women who attend self-defense or martial arts classes find themselves notably more prepared than those who don’t.

At Ascendant Martial Arts, we teach the skills needed for adults to protect themselves in harmful situations. From MMA to Muay Thai, we have instructors well-trained in the necessary tactics for both women and men to protect themselves and, with that, the self-confidence that can ultimately end in a lower likelihood of being attacked.

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