Practicing-Martial-Arts-as-a-Family-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsAt first, it might seem like martial arts is purely an individual sport. And while it can be a great way to improve at something independently, it’s also an excellent activity to share with your family.

Martial arts is an excellent way for families to spend time together, get some physical activity, and learn something new. Given the variety in the classes and available programs, each family member will find something that best fits their martial arts interests. You will even find classes and programs where parents and kids can learn and practice together.

Here are three reasons to consider practicing martial arts as a family:

1. Bond over a shared interest.

When you and your kids have a shared interest, like martial arts, it brings your family closer together and leads to stronger relationships. A shared interest can lead to conversations about what you like about martial arts or what you want to get better at in the future. You can also celebrate individual successes together and share in each other’s accomplishments.

2. Increase physical activity as a family.

Committing to a consistent martial arts routine shows your kids the value of discipline, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Not only will kids improve their physical fitness and health through martial arts, but they’ll also learn important character-building skills that they can use in all areas of their lives. Plus, kids who are active early in life are more likely to sustain this habit. At the same time, as an active adult, you’ll set a great example for your children.

3. Discover a lifelong interest together.

When you practice martial arts as a family, you have the opportunity to discover a lifelong interest together. Because martial arts is for everyone, you and your kids can get started at any age and then continue practicing well into the future.

Starting Fall 2020, Ascendant Martial Arts in Regina is offering a Fox Pups parent-toddler program! Classes are for kids aged two and three years old. Spots are very limited, so contact us today for more information.