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Kids MMA Mini Camp

Kids MMA Camp Poster

Kids’ Martial Arts, BJJ, Kickboxing, Wrestling

Drop Off after 8:30 am
Pick Up by 12:00 pm

This camp is suitable for ages 7-12.

Kids will need clothes to train in, water, and snacks for their break.
This is a skills-based camp where we will be working on some fundamental Martial Arts skills and then looking at some of the more essential skills that are unique to the sport of MMA.
Our goal is to create excitement around Martial Arts and interest in one of our favorite sports, MMA.
Kids will NOT be fighting each other. Instead, they will be training and learning Martial Arts like any of our other programs. This camp is a way to show kids the endless possibilities and sequences that can take place during a match. We believe that Martial Arts is like a game of chess. There is a lot of strategy and problem-solving, making it exciting and interesting.

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