Spring Break BJJ Camp For Kids

This April, we will host the second event in our series of mini camps. In this camp, we will focus on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have planned four action-packed days of technique, drills, matches, and games to keep the kids engaged and learning while having fun and burning energy.
The camp is open to everyone, regardless of affiliation. In other words, your child does not have to be a member of Ascendant Martial Arts to participate; they have to love Jiu Jitsu and have their own Gi. This camp will be great for any child who has been training for at least two months.

Day 1 – Positional Escapes
Day 2 – Takedowns and Guard Pulls
Day 3 – Guard Passing
Day 4 – Top and Bottom Submissions

We will be learning some techniques, but the goal is to teach basic concepts that make Jiu Jitsu easier to understand and apply quickly. For example, the kids will get matches and positional drills every day to allow them to use their new skills in the manner they would come up with in a match setting.

We are very excited to bring this camp to Regina to allow the city’s youth practitioners to train together and share their love of jiu jitsu. As a community, we can grow the skill we love.

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