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Brett Penny Review Brett Penny

A great place to train. Coaches put time aside for everyone’s goals. Weather it’s fun, fitness or competition

alexa kupchyk Review alexa kupchyk

Kickboxing at ascendant is the most fun I’ve ever had!

Dennis Review Dennis

Improved health, confidence, learning skills, leadership skills, self control, and the ability to stand up and defend herself are just some of the amazing things our daughter has learned and developed in the last 6+ years of being involved with Ascendant Martial Arts.

Having your child involved in physical activity is one of the best things you can do for their health, growth and development and having your child in martial arts takes that to the next level.

We always get great feedback from our daughters’ teachers on how well she interacts with others, her leadership skills and ability to listen to direction and apply what she has learned. I believe a big part of that is due to being involved in martial arts and wrestling from the age of 18 months till now at 8 years old.

The training and family environment at Ascendant Martial Arts has allowed our daughter to develop strong friendships and a feeling of belonging. She also has learned how to deal with tough situations in life through competition and the direction from her coaches on how to overcome obstacles and keep her head up. I cannot recommend this place enough, you will never regret investing in your child’s health and well being through their amazing programs.

-Dennis Smythe

Derek Silversides Review Derek Silversides

Quality training for the whole family. Phenomenal kids classes. Great atmosphere.

Keltie Jean Review Keltie Jean

Sean and Hajar are awesome instructors! Ascendant has great programs, and everyone on the team is super friendly and welcoming. If you’re looking to train in Regina, this is it.

kirill ashurov Review kirill ashurov

Great place for kids, fantastic trainers!!!

Lance McClean Review Lance McClean

Was here for a seminar. Facility is great and so are Sean and his team. Lots of mat space, great instructors, and amazing vibe. Will absolutely be dropping in if I find myself in town again.

Marlon Ibona Review Marlon Ibona

My kids love this place! Have a very competent instructors

Sergey Chelombitko Review Sergey Chelombitko

Just amazing trainers who are doing perfect work and like a result of that, – silver and gold medals my kids bring home from competitions.
Huge thank to Hajar, Sean and all trainers!

Sharat Pandit Review Sharat Pandit

Coaches are great! They create a very fun learning environment. My 10 yr old son is always excited to go back everytime for lessons.

Traian Gabrian Review Traian Gabrian

Throughout my martial art journey on two continents, I had the opportunity to meet numerous coaches, sifu’s, sen-sei’s, and instructors (call them what you like). Although all of them were well intended, not all of them had the ability to create a conducive atmosphere for learning or to convey the message/lesson successfully.
Nevertheless, Ascendant Martial Arts Gym it is in my humble opinion, one of the best I had the privilege to train at. The lessons are structurally solid, well monitored for accuracy, devoid of ego, and the coaches approachables, knowledgeable, and humble. Hajar, Shawn, and Matthew imprinted successfully their family values and dynamics to the entire operation.
I strongly suggest giving it a shot. I might be biased… but what if I am not….it is your loss.

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