MMA-Modern-Self-Defense-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsThe skills and abilities taught in Mixed Martial Arts classes go way beyond the mat. Everything you learn can be used in different scenarios as self-defense, and are applicable to getting yourself out of a sticky situation. Especially in this day and age, it’s important to learn a martial art like MMA to ensure that you’re protected against potential attackers.

Become Stronger

One vital way that MMA works as a self-defense is that it makes you stronger. The sparring and skills taught in an MMA class build muscle while helping you shed weight and become a healthier version of yourself. When it comes to an unwanted scenario, the ability to defend yourself will increase when your muscles are stronger due to your MMA training.

Learn Self-Confidence

When you learn how to carry yourself in MMA classes, you begin to notice a change in your overall demeanor and frame of mind. This boost in self-confidence will make a potential attacker think twice before initiating an attack, and when you’re feeling better and looking stronger, you’ll be more prepared to defend yourself.

Know The Right Moves

In the case that you do find yourself in an attack scenario, you’ll know how to defend yourself against your attacker. The strikes and grappling taught in MMA prepare students to be able to protect themselves in many different holds. With that skill set under your belt, you’ll feel confident in your ability to protect yourself if the need arises.

Self-defense is about being physically fit, learning self-confidence, and having the skills you need to defend yourself. To take classes and learn more about defending yourself, contact us at Ascendant Martial Arts.