Manage-Stress-with-Martial-Arts-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsStress is a part of our daily lives, and it can help us learn to adapt to new situations and deal with change. However, if not dealt with properly, stress can build up and become overwhelming. At this level, stress can begin to affect your physical and mental health.

Physical activity, like martial arts training, is a great way to manage stress and avoid an overwhelming build-up. Here are a few ways you can manage stress with martial arts:

1. Mindfulness

As you begin a martial arts class, your mind might be all over the place. You might replay your day or bring any of life’s current stressors onto the mat with you. But by practicing martial arts, you also have a chance to practice mindfulness as you shift your focus to the present moment. It’s your opportunity to forget about your to-do list and focus on your breathing and movements. The more time you spend in the present, focused on your training, the less stress you’ll experience.

2. Improved Sleep

There is a physical link between stress, sleep, and physical activity. Getting a good night of sleep helps you manage stress. And you improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep by getting regular physical activity. Staying consistent with your martial arts practice ensures that you get regular exercise. This will then translate to quality sleep, proper recovery, and ultimately, an improved ability to deal with stress.

3. Self-Control and Awareness

Through your martial arts practice, you develop valuable skills like self-discipline, self-control, and awareness of your thoughts. Your training helps you become more aware of your thoughts. And this greater sense of awareness allows you to stay in control of them. With more control and discipline on the mats, you can bring these same skills to your daily life. You can use your martial arts training to become more aware of the thoughts that bring you stress and figure out effective ways to manage them.

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