Maintain-Your-Motivation-to-Train-Martial-Arts-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsIt’s normal for your level of motivation to fluctuate over time. But when you’re participating in an activity like martial arts, you might experience more highs and lows due to your long-term goals.

Here are a few ways to maintain your motivation to train martial arts:

1. Prioritize and Plan

If training always feels like something you have to fit into a busy schedule, you might lose motivation. Rather than squeezing in a class at the last minute, try planning out your classes a week or two in advance. Once you plan on attending class on a specific day and time, commit to your schedule just like you would any other appointment. When you make your training a priority, it helps you build consistency, which can fuel motivation as well.

2. Remember the Benefits

Another way to maintain your motivation is to remind yourself of all the benefits martial arts offers. You develop physical skills and fitness, but you also get a mental benefit from your time on the mats. Think about how good you’ll feel after class and how training gives you a much-needed break in your day.

3. Understand Your Obstacles

Sometimes motivation can drop because of the obstacles you’re currently facing in your training. Rather than ignoring the things that are challenging, try to find ways to confront your obstacles and come up with ways to manage them. If similar obstacles arise, you’ll have a plan for how to deal with the same challenges.

4. Break Up Your Big Goals

If you have long-term goals, you might lose motivation if it will take several months or years to achieve them. Take your long-term goals and break them up so that you have smaller goals to work toward. When you reach a short-term goal, the sense of accomplishment you feel will help you maintain your motivation.

5. Focus on the Process

At the same time, if you’re only focused on achieving your future goal, you may lose track of the process. Shift your focus to what you need to do each day or each week to continue making progress toward your long-term goals. Without resetting your attention to the present moment, you may have difficulty achieving the outcome or getting the results you seek.

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