How-Kids-Develop-Social-Skills-through-BJJ-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsBJJ provides an excellent opportunity to learn social skills. They can work on the skills that help them create relationships, understand others, and get along better.

Here are some of the ways that BJJ can help kids develop their social skills:

1. Listening and Following Directions

Most BJJ classes include small groups of kids who learn skills together. When something is distracting, kids learn to stay focused and engaged. BJJ also lets kids practice how to ask questions without disrupting. They learn to listen, follow directions, and stay on task with the rest of the class.

2. Respecting Others

Respect is essential in martial arts. Classes include kids from a variety of backgrounds, and they learn to respect these differences. Kids also show respect for their practice, instructor, and fellow students by learning from others and respecting their knowledge.

3. Receiving Feedback

Learning BJJ and making improvements takes a lot of practice. Kids learn that there is a lot of value in listening to their instructors and accepting their feedback. At first, it can be hard to take feedback. It can sound a lot like criticism. But kids who learn to view feedback as a positive are more likely to improve and grow as athletes.

4. Teamwork

To learn BJJ, you practice as an individual. But at the same time, your child and his or her fellow students form a team. When your child works with a partner or instructor, they must figure out how to work and positively interact with each other. Working together includes learning to support and encourage each other to do their best.

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