Kids-Martial-Arts-Keep-It-Fun-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsOne of the most common reasons children will quit a sport or activity is because it stops being fun. So here are four tips to help keep martial arts fun for your kids:

1. Stay focused on the process.

When the focus is on winning or being the best, it becomes easy to value outcomes over improvement. A child who is only concerned about winning can lose track of the importance of practicing and learning. Reminding your child how far they’ve come and emphasizing the process reinforces progress. Rather than worrying about being the best, kids can shift their focus to something more productive. And fun!

2. Ask questions that value learning and improvement.

Parents can reinforce the value of improving and having a good time with the process by asking the right questions. Instead of asking your child about their rank or how they stack up with the class, ask them questions like, “What did you learn today?” Or, “What was fun about today’s class?” Not only do you help your child see what’s fun in the sport, but you’re also sending a message that fun and learning are more important than being the best or perfect.

3. Set realistic expectations.

Set realistic expectations for your child’s performance. If you set your expectations too high, then you can end up putting too much pressure on your child. Your child might sense that you’re expecting more than what they’re able to manage at this point in their training. And they probably won’t enjoy the sport as much and worry about disappointing you.

4. Stay positive and set a good example.

The more positive things you have to say to your child and martial arts, the more they’re likely to enjoy and continue it. If your child struggles with a skill or makes a mistake, let their instructor provide the feedback. Focus on their hard work and effort. You can also set an example for your kids by talking about your own martial arts training or workouts in a positive way.

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