Jiu-Jitsu-Remember-What-You-Learned-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsIn your Jiu Jitsu training, you’ve probably realized that there is a lot to learn and retain. And when you’re first getting started, it can be overwhelming. You might have a hard time remembering techniques that you learned in the previous class or even just thirty minutes before.

With so much to learn in Jiu Jitsu, there are some ways that you can boost your retention so that you’re more likely to remember and apply what you’ve learned. Here are a few suggestions to help you remember what you’ve learned:

1. Drill, Drill, and Drill Some More

Part of the learning process is repetition. With time, you’ll have practiced specific techniques enough times so that you can remember and recall them when needed. Drilling gives you this repetition. The more often you practice and drill, the more time you’re giving your body to learn.

2. Take Notes

Another way to remember what you’ve learned is to take notes in a journal. You can use a paper notebook or your phone – whatever format you’re most likely to use, go with that. Wait until class is over to write down your notes. Include as much detail as you can. Even if it seems like a detail that you’re not going to forget, if it’s important, write it down so you’ll have it all later. And try to keep your notes organized so that they’re easy to reference in the future.

3. Train Consistently

Consistent training is another way to reinforce what you’ve learned. If your practice is spotty and inconsistent, it will be harder to form a foundation of skill that you can build on as you learn more. With consistent training, you’ll be able to spend plenty of time drilling and practicing your techniques to stay fresh in your mind.

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