Growing-Up-With-Martial-Arts-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsOne of the greatest things about being in a martial art is that it allows you to grow up in the habit of practicing in a way that no other sport does. Kids, adults, and families alike can practice their chosen art throughout their entire lives and can bond over it with their own children when they get to be that age.

People meet and marry in martial arts, get to know others, and form their own communities in a welcoming and inviting environment. What is it about martial arts that brings people together in such a way?

Kids Start Early

At Ascendant Martial Arts, our wrestling classes start at the age of 2, while our MMA classes begin with 8-year-olds. This gets kids interested early and teaches them all of the reasons they should enjoy martial arts. It’s also during a peak social season of their lives, when they start to make the first friends they’ll have and becoming friends with other martial arts kids means that’s where they go to hang out!

Meet a Diverse Group of People

When you regularly attend your school’s martial arts classes, you really get to know the people you’re practicing with. Community events also begin to spur friendships outside of class and help you expand your social network. Meet people from different backgrounds and learn more about the world around you!

Practice Through the Years

Most students practice their martial art for decades. Not only does mastering a martial art and becoming a black belt take a number of years, the learning actually never stops. You’ll always be learning and growing as long as you practice, and many do that well into their senior years!

To find out more about starting your martial arts journey, contact us at Ascendant Martial Arts today. We’ll show you why a lifelong dedication to martial arts is the right choice for you.