Creating-and-Achieving-Your-Goals-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsWhen it comes to setting goals for yourself, it’s important to keep a few specific points in mind. Whether these goals focus around your martial arts training, other physical accomplishments, nutrition and diet, or any other goals you may set for yourself, there are some guidelines to follow that can make these goals more attainable, realistic, and desirable.

Make your goals measurable.

Utilizing goal metrics is the first step to creating goals that are achievable and can be checked off once completed. Rather than creating an abstract goal like “lose weight”, set a measurable goal to “lose 10 pounds” or “go down a pant size.”

Plan out bigger goals.

If you have a goal that you’d love to achieve, say, by the end of the year, create smaller stepping stones to get there. Checking off these smaller goals that lead to your main one is motivating and can help you stay on track.

Find motivation along the way.

Whether it’s following someone on Instagram or having an accountability partner, find ways to motivate yourself throughout your journey. When you keep your eye on the prize, you can visualize yourself achieving the goal, which ultimately will bring it into reality.

Take advice when you can.

For every goal, there’s someone else in the world who’s achieved it, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether it’s reaching out to someone on social media or asking a friend, if you know someone who has done what you hope to do, ask them for tips and tricks!

Keep tabs on yourself.

As you progress toward your goal, check in with yourself every once in a while to recalibrate and adjust. Ask yourself what’s working and what’s not, as well as ways you can make things easier moving forward.

Taking the time to set up goals for yourself is a very human way to progress and change. Make sure you’re setting achievable goals by following these guidelines in order to ensure ease and ideally produce the most amount of change.

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