Choosing-the-Right-Martial-Art-For-You-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsEvery martial art has its own unique flair and style, so making sure you choose the right one for you is vital to your overall success. Between karate, BJJ, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and more, doing some research on which martial art is going to benefit you the most is an important first step in choosing both a school and a practice.

Understand the Flow

Different martial arts offer different class flows, and even between schools, the format of a class can change. For instance, Muay Thai is all about learning techniques, throwing strikes, and sparring, while Tae Kwon Do incorporates both sparring practice and relaxation techniques. Doing some research on what to expect in a class can help you visually whether you want to participate.

Know Your Goals

What are you looking to get out of your martial arts training? Is it a better knowledge of how to defend yourself? A physical workout that helps you lose weight and become stronger? Maybe it’s competition you’re seeking. While each martial art lends itself to most goals, there are some that are better for long-term growth in one aspect over another. Similarly, specific schools may have different focuses, so check out your potential school’s website to see where their values lie.

Reach Out!

If you’re still uncertain exactly which martial art you should be practicing, don’t be afraid to ask! Narrowing your decision down to a school that offers multiple martial arts can give you the option of asking for more information about each, as well as where you best fit in. At Ascendant Martial Arts, we encourage you to reach out and try a free class to make sure you’re getting into the martial art that best suits you.

We offer wrestling, Bang Muay Thai, MMA, and submission wrestling, so let us know what interests you most and we’d be happy to work with you to find the right fit!