5-Benefits-of-Private-Training-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsMaking the decision to start a private training program is beneficial for those looking to get in shape, prepare for a martial arts competition, or gain their next belt promotion. Not only do you get to work one-on-one with an instructor, but you also get to set aside specific time to train to achieve your goals.

Take a look at these five reasons why private training can absolutely be for you:

1. Accountability

Working with a coach or trainer gives you the accountability to make sure you’re working hard. Not only do instructors push you during your session, but they also give you “homework” to take care of in your off time, and they follow up to make sure you’re pushing yourself outside of the gym or school.

2. One-on-One Teachings

With private training, you get the complete focus and attention of your instructor for the 30 minutes or hour that you’re in your session. This means that every move you make is analyzed to ensure proper form and technique, resulting in a better overall learning experience.

3. Personal Programming

Everyone is different, and while most martial arts classes try to account for that, nothing can as closely match your own personal learning style as a private training session. Coaching that’s personalized to your capabilities creates results that could be otherwise hard to obtain.

4. Creating a Routine

The nature of private training sessions is that they’re scheduled once, twice, or more a week, meaning you know exactly what days and times you’re set to dedicate to progressing toward your goals. This routine creates a habit that your body can get accustomed to.

5. Gain Confidence

Learning a new skill or ability in front of a class or at the gym can be intimidating. Take some time to work alone with a coach who can increase your confidence and prepare you to take on a challenge in front of others.

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