We’ve all gone through it. One day you’ve got a consistent training routine going, and then everything seems to fall apart. Things outside of your control stop your momentum and bring your practice to a standstill.

When you’re ready to get back into training consistently, it can be a physical and mental challenge. So, here are a few ideas on how to regain momentum after a standstill:

1. Start where you are.

When you start back up with your practice, start with wherever you are – not where you were before. Let go of where your training was before and start with where you are today. If you feel like you’ve taken a few steps backward, it’s okay. You’ll get it back.

2. Ramp up gradually.

Once you get started, do your best to be patient with yourself. You might have plans to train every single day for the next month. And while it’s great that you’re motivated, remember that your body and mind need some time to adjust. Ramp up gradually. You’re more likely to create consistency when you let your momentum build back up slowly.


3. Focus on having fun.

As you regain momentum with your training, focus on good technique and dialing in your skills. But remember to have some fun, too. When you have a positive experience on the mats, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next class or training session.

4. Avoid comparison.

While getting back into your routine, it’s hard not to compare where you are now to where you’ve been in the past. Bring your focus back to where you are in the present and try to avoid comparison. Then, look forward and think about how you can improve from where you are right now.

5. Track your progress.

Now is a great time to start tracking your training. Keeping track of your progress helps you add some structure to your routine as you regain momentum. And you’ll be able to visualize the habit you’re rebuilding.

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