Using-Meditation-as-Part-of-Martial-Arts-Training-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsThe benefits of meditation are numerous. By creating time and space for stillness, you begin to recover mentally and energetically to balance the stress of everyday life. Meditation can also be a powerful tool in progressing along your martial arts path.

Meditation is more than finding a few moments to try and stop thinking. It’s a practice of clearing the way to positive thinking and adding clarity to your goals and aspirations. Meditation could be the missing piece you’re looking for to take the next step towards martial arts mastery.

Here a few suggestions on using meditation as part of your martial arts training:

Meditate for Your Heart

Meditation can reduce the chances of heart disease and even prevent it. As you go deeper into meditation practice, your blood pressure decreases, and your heart rate slows. The calming effect carries on through your day and can diffuse stress.

The more you practice, the less chance there is of a situation getting the best of you. Even more importantly, there is less chance of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. With a strong heart and healthy mind, your martial arts training can be unobstructed and unstoppable.

Meditation to Reduce Pain

Pain is not just a physical reaction to an outside source. Pain comes along with being sad, angry, frustrated, or anxious. Through meditation, you can feel tangible results of healing and recovery. You’ll see that as soon as you begin to train the mind to address physical pain, the body begins to feel better. Chronic issues or random injuries can be minimized by managing emotional pain. This will get you back on the mat as fast as any medicine or physical therapy.

Meditate to Sleep Better

Most people deal with a lack of sleep at some point. You’ll immediately see the effects of too little sleep when training on the mat. Sluggishness and physical weakness creep in when the body hasn’t had a chance to rest. Learning to quiet the mind while fully awake can help you unwind the day and fall asleep with ease. We are living in a world of non-stop input, so it’s more important than ever to train the mind to rest so that the physical requirements of training can be met. Without rest, there is slow or no progress.

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