By practicing BJJ, children learn a variety of skills that contribute to establishing self-confidence. Here are four ways BJJ can improve your child’s confidence on and off the mat:

1. Problem-Solving

Students of BJJ learn to stay focused and alert while under pressure. Whether in class or in competition, students must assess, adjust, and overcome challenging positions. As students face their opponents, they are often greeted with many challenging scenarios and positions.

In these situations, children practicing BJJ learn to develop critical problem-solving skills. The acts of memory recall and strategic thinking empower students and help them build self-confidence. Children who practice BJJ develop these problem-solving skills and have the confidence to tackle problems on and off the mat.


2. Improved Overall Health

Practicing BJJ allows students to improve their overall health. The physical demands that a martial arts practice places on the body help students gain muscle strength, increase flexibility, and develop endurance. This promotion of fitness and health often leads students to develop healthy eating habits, good sleep patterns, and better self-care.

3. Leadership

Children who practice BJJ learn valuable skills that help them become leaders on and off the mat. Because BJJ requires students to be self-disciplined to progress, they learn to be accountable for their actions. This sense of accountability is often displayed off the mat as students take ownership of their schoolwork and chores at home.

4. Strategy and Decision-Making

The skills that children learn in BJJ can also be seen in the decision-making they develop through their practice. As they face opponents, they develop strategic thinking skills to counter their opponents’ movements and overcome challenges. Students can use these skills off the mat as well. When faced with problems or challenging social situations, students have the confidence to use their strategic-thinking skills to demonstrate leadership and reach a resolution.

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