Right-Fuel-for-Martial-Arts-Training-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsThis time of year is filled with renewed commitments to health and promises to shed habits that aren’t healthy. Getting the proper nutrition to fuel your training is as important as the training itself.

Good eating habits are pretty easy to figure out, but staying on track is the difficult part. When you notice your progress in training slowing down, your eating habits may have taken a turn as well. Getting where you want to go takes more than the will and discipline to get to the mat. It also takes the right fuel for your martial arts training.


Getting the correct amount of protein every day is the best way to build muscle and strength. Proteins are building blocks that allow you to push your body and recover properly without depleting your reserves.

Since martial arts training requires strength and endurance, protein sources such as lean meats and high protein vegetables are great. Remember that processed meats such as cold cuts are much less nutrient-rich than skinless chicken, pork chops, or fish. The quality of protein is just as important as the type of protein you choose.

Nutrients from Vegetables

Vegetables should be a part of every meal and also make for a great snack. Although, it’s not always easy to sacrifice the convenience of a packaged snack in exchange for fresh vegetables or fruit.

The nutrients found in vegetables maintain muscle and tissue. They assist in recovery and naturally keep the body hydrated beyond your normal water intake. Ultimately, vegetables keep your system running clean and smooth while giving you the energy boost you need to perform.


Nothing gets the body moving in the right direction after vigorous training like carbohydrates. Carbs are often seen as the enemy. But when they are used to refuel after your workout, they can be just what you need to fuel your next session.

Carbohydrates can be harder for the body to process, so timing is everything. Save your pasta and rice for post-workout meals. The three hours after your workout are perfect for taking in something other than meat and vegetables. It’s the combination of vigorous training and carbs that fuel success.

Good nutrition and recovery are as important as training techniques and skills. Take your training and your life to the next level at Ascendant Martial Arts in Regina. Contact us to learn more about the programs we’re currently offering.