Martial-Arts-and-Strong-Communities-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsFinding strength in numbers has been difficult lately. Social distancing and restricted gatherings have forced communities to find new ways to stay connected. With all its challenges, the past year has revealed that people need community. We all seek the comfort and strength of friends and neighbors. Now more than ever, the strength of the martial arts community is reflected in the larger community it inhabits.

Confidence is contagious.

Confidence is one of the most important side effects of martial arts training. Learning that you are capable of more than you expected creates a mindset of possibility. The idea that something is possible is fueled by the confidence that it can be done. When people experience someone else as confident and positive, they want to be like that. More wants more, no matter what. A community thrives when its members are confident and capable. It suffers when fear and doubt are the focus.

Strong work, strong ethics.

Putting in the work is how you show dedication to yourself and those around you. Working to be a productive member of society not only elevates self-esteem but also promotes community pride. With strong work comes improvement, and it’s guaranteed that effort will lead to progress. Even when progress is slow, the effort is being rewarded. Strong work is reflected in the community with safer streets, cleaner spaces, and friendlier neighbors. It also leads to a stronger code of ethics. This code can go undeveloped if apathy and laziness are allowed to creep in.

Independence is not solitary.

The self-reliance and independence you learn on the mat translate directly to autonomy in your daily life. Knowing how to handle yourself and take care of your responsibilities means no one else has to worry about what you’re supposed to do. As individuals take responsibility for themselves, the entire community thrives. Independence leads us back to confidence and strength, which leads to a community of individuals open to possibilities. Most importantly, the possibility of a better world for the next generation.

Ascendant Martial Arts strives to create a better Regina. All are welcome who want to improve and build a better community for everyone. Contact us today to strengthen yourself and your community.