Martial-Arts-Resolutions-for-the-New-Year-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsAs a new year begins, now is your opportunity to revisit your martial arts goals and plan what you’ll tackle over the next several months. Here are a few suggestions of some martial arts resolutions to make for the new year:

1. Attend classes consistently.

One of the most helpful habits you can adopt in your martial arts practice is consistency. Getting into a regular training routine helps you learn more and refine your skills. Consistency also enables you to maintain momentum in your level of motivation. It can keep you excited about achieving your martial arts goals.

2. Try something new.

If you’re feeling stuck or bored with your current training routine, now is a great time to try something new. Commit to learning a new skill, trying a new martial arts style, changing your class times, or learning from a different instructor.

3. Acknowledge accomplishments.

Another resolution to consider working toward in the new year is acknowledging your accomplishments. We’ll often achieve a goal or master a skill and waste no time in getting started on chasing the next goal. But it’s important to acknowledge your effort and hard work. Recognizing this contributes to your level of confidence and motivation.

4. Become more resilient.

No one really likes to make mistakes or face challenges. However, the process of overcoming obstacles makes you more resilient in martial arts, as well as in your daily life. If you feel like you could benefit from becoming more resilient on and off the mats, this could be a great resolution for the new year.

Are you ready to tackle some new martial arts goals in the new year? Ascendant Martial Arts in Regina is here to help you build strength, confidence, self-esteem, independence, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Through martial arts and wrestling, we aim to make better people.

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