Becoming-a-Master-of-Martial-Arts-Ascendant-Martial-ArtsMartial arts is about mastery. You work to master form and technique. You seek mastery of the self and the ability to lead others. If you speak to anyone who is considered a master, you can sense the time and effort that has gone into their training and expertise. But most will tell you there are simply two steps to becoming a master of martial arts.

First, Get Started

One thing is for sure. Nobody ever got anywhere by doing nothing. A wise man once said, “The difference between the master and the student is the master has failed more times than the student has tried.” Action is required to be a master. Take it one step further, and you’ll see that consistent action is necessary to master anything. As quickly as you make gains toward the ultimate goal, you can slide right back to where you were with a lack of consistency. So it is time to get started. Take action now before another excuse pops up to steer you away from what you seek.

Then, Keep Going

There’s nothing mystical about mastery. It’s a process. It’s hard work. To find who you want to be, you must embrace the process and let go of the notion that you will be magically empowered by merely wishing to be viewed as the master. You can read the history of all the masters that have come before, and they will all have a common thread. Mastery is a state of becoming. When you are a master, you will understand that the end is always on the horizon. Others will see where you are as a destination, and you will only see the next peak.

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